A Glenmore Woods Homeowners Meeting was held on Monday, June 8th, 2020 at 7:30 pm. The meeting was virtual over a conference bridge.

These meeting minutes have been approved by the HOA.

Glenmore Woods HOA Meeting, June 8, 2020 Agenda

  • Lake County Forest Preserve Grant Clearing Areas of Consideration
  • Approval of the minutes from April 8, 2020 Meeting
  • Standing Water/French Drain
  • Native Restoration Update
  • Mariani Update
  • Pond Status
  • Mulch Status
  • EAB Status
  • Common Area Shrub Replacement
  • Real Estate Tax Appeal Proposal Update
  • Open forum
  • The date for the next meeting

Board Members: Sue Ebert, J.V. Proesel, Roy Ladd, Martin Caldwell, Joe Sturonas

Property Manager: Sarah McMaster
Guest: Matt Ueltzen, Restoration Ecologist, Lake County Forest Preserve
Homeowners: 14 present

Meeting commences at 7:30 pm


  • Lake County Forest Preserve Grant Clearing Areas of Consideration

Matt Ueltzen presented on the Lake County Forest Preserve Grant for buckthorn clearing to Glenmore Woods. In addition to the cost-sharing grant for clearing buckthorn, the grant also allows for a cost-share for a native seed and native trees and shrubs after the buckthorn is cleared. Glenmore Woods would need to determine if we would like to be included in the bid package in the July/August 2020 timeframe and the areas that would be in consideration. Preliminary discussions are that area would include about 2.2 acres, between Ashford Drive and Scarborough Court and north along the trail parallel to Rt. 176. The area adjacent to Knollwood is in question until we know what Knollwood is doing with their buckthorn. The award for the work would be in the October/November timeframe. The work would commence in the January/February 2021 timeframe.

The area in blue was seeded, and trees and shrubs will be planted in the fall of 2020.

Action Item: Sue Ebert, Roy Ladd, J.V. Proesel, Martin Caldwell, Joe Sturonas determine the potential area of buckthorn clearing. 


  • Approval of the minutes from April 8, 2020 Meeting

Motion By: J.V. to approve the meeting minutes
Seconded By: Roy
In Favor: 5, Opposed: 0; Abstain: 0;


  • Resolution

WHEREAS, The Glenmore Woods Area Association Declaration defines certain covenants, conditions, restrictions, limitations and easements designed and implemented for the benefit of the premises and all of the homeowners;
WHEREAS, The Declarant established for its own benefit and for the mutual benefit of all current and future owners, tenants and occupants of the Residential Lots, certain rights in, over, under, upon and along the Premises and certain mutually beneficial restrictions with respect to use, conduct and maintenance thereof;
WHEREAS, Section 8.03 of the Declaration prohibits use or occupancy of temporary or permanent structures, including but not limited to trailers, fences, tents, shacks, garages, barns or other outbuildings;
WHEREAS, The local ordinances require a fence of at least five to seven (5” to 7”) feet in height around any swimming pool of a depth of twenty-four (24”) inches or more, temporary or permanent, in-ground or above ground;
WHEREAS, A swimming pool, in-ground or above ground, and its surrounding deck constitute a structure;
WHEREAS, Section 8.03 of the Declaration specifically prohibits fences and auxiliary structures;
WHEREAS, The Area Association Board of Directors believes that the natural wooded environment of the property was originally intended by the Declarant to remain as such as it adds to the value of the homes and the enjoyment of the residents. The Area Association Board of Directors desires to enhance and preserve the aesthetic integrity of this environment and believes swimming pools are not in keeping with this objective;
NOW, THEREFORE, The Area Association Board of Directors hereby declares that no swimming pool, temporary or permanent, in-ground or above ground, measuring more than 84” in diameter and 14” in depth may exist, remain, be placed or installed anywhere on the lots or the Common Areas. Kiddie/wading pools are permitted.

There were no public comments on the resolution.

Motion By: J.V. to approve the Resolution
Seconded By: Roy
In Favor: 5, Opposed: 0; Abstain: 0;


  • Standing Water/French Drain

The area between Windmere Court and Isleworth Court has been retaining much water after the buckthorn in Area 4 was cleared in February 2019. It seems to have been getting worse over time since the clearing. Please see the attached overhead view of the area, pointed to by the red arrow.

A neighbor adjacent to the area was quite sure that there was a box culvert in the middle of the deepest part of the water, indicated by the red square in the diagram.

On April 18th, neighbors rented a gas-powered pump and pumped about 14,000 gallons of water out of that area. It was enough for the metal detector to be capable, and after several hours, the box culvert was buried in about three feet of buckthorn debris.

What they discovered is that what they thought was a box culvert was a french drain. There is a concrete drain, with drain tile that goes to the street sewer. A neighbor rented a snake auger to try to clean out the french drain, going from the street out to the concrete drain. The drain tile for the french drain appears to be crushed and ineffective.

Action Item: Joe Sturonas and Gordon Repp to meet with Lake County Forest Preserve to assess the damage to the french drain.

There are other french drains that don’t seem to be working very effectively, such as between Braeloch Court and Isleworth Court.

Action Item: Joe Sturonas and Chris Hartrich and others to identify where the basin is between Braeloch Court and Isleworth Court


  • Native Restoration Update

2 Stewardships for Areas 1, 2 &3 (1 Stewardship completed)

Controlled Burn for Areas 1, 2 &3 (Completed)

2 Herbicide Treatments for Area 4

Some of the natives they observed were columbine, anise root, wild geranium, shooting star, parsnip, jewelweed, purple coneflower, brown-eyed Susan, several sedges, and many others. They removed the non-natives such as Canada thistle, garlic mustard, dame’s rocket, sweet clover, bull thistle, and small buckthorn and honeysuckle saplings.

Action: Native Tree and Shrubs list. Highlighted in red are what LCFP recommends


  • Mariani Update
    • Planting Bed Reduction and Cleanup 2020 Proposal
      • Sumac at West Pond
      • Planting Bed Reduction
      • Remove straggly Dogwoods (east of Scarborough & Ashford)
      • Install topsoil and cultivate to create a seedbed
      • Install seed mix and cover with a straw blanket
      • NOTE: This is best done in fall when temperatures and rainfall aid in seed establishment
    • Pruning - Dormant 2021Proposal
      • Pruning - Dormant Entry Viburnum
      • Reduce and thin Arrowwood Viburnum from 176 to entrance pillars on both sides of Ashford
      • Remove all associated debris from the site.
      • Pruning - Dormant Dogwood
      • Reduce and thin all Redtwig dogwood plantings in common areas along with Ashford
      • Remove all associated debris from the site.
    • Front Entrance for 2021
      • Entry pillar plantings to a re-do of the entry roadway.
      • It depends upon how extensive we go, the size of plant material, etc.


  • Pond Status

McCloud has completed 3 treatments of the ponds. They added die to filter the sun to reduce the algae. Engaging with McCloud to perform bio-dredging of the ponds.


  • Mulch Status

Budgeted for Mulch in the common area, and that is planned June 22, 23.


  • EAB Status

Emerald Ash Borer treatment to happen in mid to late July.


  • Viburnum Beetle

Bartlett treated the Viburnum to treat the Viburnum Beetle. 

Action Item: Propose question to Bartlett regarding introducing beneficial insects to fight invasive species with Colleen Storiz


  • Real Estate Tax Appeal Proposal Update

Homeowners that participated that can contact Annette to settle upon the reduction.


  • Open forum

There is an excessive amount of water now flowing from Knollwood Country Club coming into the area Ashford Court.

Action Item: Joe Sturonas, Martin Caldwell, Justin Beger to meet with Village of Green Oaks Engineer regarding the increasing about of water flowing from Knollwood Country Club into Green Oaks.

Action Item: Joe Sturonas, Roy Ladd, Gordon Repp: Investigate French Drain into East Pond

Action Item: Joe Sturonas Look for and post a schedule for road reconstruction.


  • The date for the next meeting

Monday, August 10, 2020


Motion to adjourn: J.V.

Seconded by Martin

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm