Glenmore Woods Landscape Committee Property Walk Summary
April 20, 2024

Landscape Committee Members: Jennifer Koenig, Michelle Manolovic, Denise Beger, Sue Ebert, Martin Caldwell, Joe Sturonas
Notes prepared by Jennifer Koenig

The committee conducted a walk of the Glenmore Woods property on April 20, 2024 to assess the current state of the landscaping and make recommendations for improvements. The following items were noted:

General Comments

  • Soil erosion behind curbs along Ashford Drive and in most circles, posing structural and safety risks. The committee recommends contacting the Village of Green Oaks for support.
  • Soil erosion behind sewer grates along Ashford Drive. The committee recommends contacting the Village of Green Oaks for support.
  • Trees along the main road and in circles require pruning to raise bottom branches, thin as appropriate, and remove dead branches.
  • Shaded berms along Ashford Drive have too much shade to grow grass. The committee recommends removing remaining grass, incorporating areas into the forest, and planting native ground cover or wildflowers.
  • Neighborhood support will be required for watering any new plants or grass. Residents should be identified to take responsibility for each improvement area.
  • The committee recommends a neighborhood workday to trim smaller trees, remove dying shrubs, and plant new shrubs or perennials to save HOA funds.

Glenmore Woods Entry Area

  • The front entrance is in good condition overall. Lower priority considerations include filling in plants by the stone entry, reestablishing symmetry, and alternating spring bulbs and summer plants in front of the shrub border.

Ashford Drive East Side Past Entry Columns

  • The forest along the eastern property line has grown dense with buckthorn. Clearing is not recommended until the neighboring Knollwood property agrees to clear their buckthorn as well.
  • Seeding grass close to the tree line will be ineffective due to dense shade and lack of irrigation. The committee recommends removing weak sun-seeking shrubs and adding shade shrubs.
  • There are significant dead buckthorn, ash trees, fallen trees and broken branches. Removal would improve the winter and spring appearance of the entryway.

Ashford Drive West Side

  • Landscaping west of the entrance up to Braeloch Court remains attractive.
  • The open wildflower area past the columns looks sparse in winter and early spring. The committee recommends adding a couple evergreen trees as a lower priority.
  • Most plants in the berms are in good shape. The committee recommends adding evergreens for winter interest as a lower priority.

Ashford Drive Thoroughfare

  • Across from the start of Oakhaven: Remove small scraggly tree, add shade shrubs to screen electric boxes, and incorporate area behind berm into forest.
  • Between Isleworth and Windmere: Remove 2 small unhealthy shrubs, add perennials around tree, and incorporate area behind berm into forest.
  • Between Scarborough and Windmere: Integrate two trees into one berm area, connect area behind trees to forest, prune dead limbs on tree near forest, reseed grass, and consider adding low-growing shade shrubs.
  • Just before Ashford Drive circle: Fill open berm area with 2-3 low-growing shade shrubs.
  • Across from start of Scarborough: Add screen to hide utility boxes, join area to neighboring tree berm, blend berm into forest, remove scraggly shrubs, and add low-growing shade shrubs.

Court & Circle Recommendations

  • Ashford Court & Drive: Residents have made improvements. Recommend small budget for pavers where grass won't grow.
  • Braeloch Court: Trees need pruning, remove 9-10 small shrubs, top fill soil and reseed.
  • Oakhaven Court: Fill center and overseed. Consider removing 2 of 5 trees as lower priority.
  • Isleworth Court: Trees need pruning, primarily needs reseeding, make mulched berm smaller and plant grass seed, consider adding small shade shrubs and perennials.
  • Windmere Court: Trees need pruning, remove small crabapple, reseed grass after pruning.
  • Scarborough Court: Requires fill dirt, trees need pruning, consider removing scraggly dogwoods not getting enough light.

Next Steps

  • Get quotes for dormant tree pruning, shade shrubs, water supplies, tilling/edging, perennials/bulbs, and misc supplies
  • Discuss support from Village of Green Oaks for soil erosion issues
  • Plan neighborhood workday for tree/shrub removal and planting
  • Identify residents to help with watering of new plantings