Garlic Mustard

Garlic MustardWhen we think of invasive species in Glenmore Woods, our first thought is Buckthorn. However, we are also host to several other non-native plants. Garlic Mustard is a more easily managed invasive plant that is present in small clumps throughout our subdivision. With homeowner cooperation, we should be able to keep the plant from overtaking the remaining woodland natives and our flower beds. If left unchecked, in a few years we may see larger and larger clumps that completely cover the ground, crowding out desirable species like trillium and jack-in-the pulpit.


Its strong garlic scent, unique leaves and  white May flowers easily identify garlic mustard. The best time to remove garlic mustard is now when the ground is wet and the plant is flowering. Pull the plant up, roots included. Tamp down the soil to prevent seeds present in the ground from sprouting.  Remove the pulled plants from the area if possible. For more information, visit

Please be reminded that Glemore Woods has many common areas that border homeowner lots. Please do not remove garlic mustard from common areas without seeking board approval.Garlic Mustard