Homeowners Meeting Minutes from AGM April 6, 2010

2009 AGMGlenmore Woods held their AGM on April 6, 2010 at 7:00pm. The minutes in their entirety are shown below. Some of the topics covered in the meeting include; Glenmore Woods re-elected David Coughlin, Paul Herring, and Joe Sturonas for 2 year terms. The Landscape Committee is looking for additional members as Phase 2 of the hazardous tree maintenance has been completed. Mariani representative Jon Lee was on hand at the meeting addresses questions and will provided a 2010 maintenance calendar when available, which will be posted on www.glenmorewoods.org.

Glenmore Woods Homeowners Association

Board meeting – April 06, 2010 7:00pm

Lake Bluff Village Hall Building

40 East Center Avenue

Lake Bluff, IL 60044


Board Members: John Lucas, David Coughlin, Tim Cummins, Joe Sturonas

Homeowners: Frank Keres, Randy and Mary Sweitzer, Christine Hides

Mariani: Jonathan Lee

Property Manager: Sarah McMaster


1. Election - Paul Herring, David Coughlin and Joe Sturonas were elected to another 2 year term.

2. Minutes from the April 29, 2009 meeting were approved.

3. Old Business

a. Mariani Update

i. Contract with Mariani was signed for another 3 years.

ii. Mariani will be fertilizing this week and next week.

iii. Because edging was a big concern last year, Mariani is being less aggressive on the edging, but providing a crisp edge.

iv. Weekly maintenance to start on the 3rd week of April. Same crew as last year.

v. They will mow on Friday and maintenance on Monday.

vi. Switched to a single application of fertilizer which will be applied at the end of April, which will include crabgrass preventative and a timed release of nutrients over the growing season.

vii. Jon will provide an estimate for a new organic formulation of grub deterrent that they are testing right now with good results.

viii. The comment was made that the mowers are going too fast in some areas and tearing up the lawns. Jon said they will try to use lighter equipment for the areas that are a little tighter.

ix. So that issues and concerns can be properly recorded, please contact Sarah McMaster with any issues or concerns you have concerning Mariani and Sarah will address the issue with Mariani. Sarah can be contacted at 877-571-5061 or via email at http://snipurl.com/eqm1k

4. New Business

a. 2010 Budget was approved.

i. No changes in monthly assessments.

ii. We now have a reserve fund that is about a quarter of the way to the goal.

b. Coyote

i. Village is recommending that people stop feeding the birds, as bird seed attracts creatures that Coyote eat.

ii. Several residents have seen Coyote this past winter, and they don’t seem to be very afraid of humans.

iii. We will redistribute the Village of Green Oaks letter on Coyote.

iv. It is believed that the burning of the nearby Lake County Forest Preserves have caused the Coyote to seek refuge.

c. Buckthorn Remediation

i. Buckthorn remediation will be deferred until the Landscape committee can meet and review the prioritization of hazardous areas in Glenmore Woods.

5. Open Forum

a. John Lucas would like to resign as President of the Board due to health concerns. He is willing to stay on the board until his seat can be filled.

b. Decided to proceed to have Mariani treat the Honeylocust bores and Emerald Ash bores in Glenmore Woods.

c. The Village of Green Oaks will be contacted about the pot holes and the bent traffic signs from the previous winter.

d. We are in the process of updating the Glenmore Woods directory, more information to follow.

6. Landscape Committee

a. The Landscape committee currently consists of Frank Keres, Christine Hides, John Lucas, Tim Cummins, Joe Sturonas. The Landscape Committee is currently seeking three additional members, preferably from preferably from Cul-de-sac’s not currently represented, such as Oakhaven Ct., Scarborough or Ashford Dr.. Please feel free to contact any board member if you would like to join.

b. The Landscape Committee will meet on Saturday May 1, 2010 9:00am at 28628 Isleworth Ct.