Landscape Committee Proptery Walk, April 18th, 2009

The Glenmore Woods Landscape Committee conducted a property walk on Saturday, April 18, 2009  at 9:00am. The Landscape Committee members include: Frank Keres, John Lucas, Tim Cummins,  and Joe Sturonas. There were three vendors that participated in the walk as well, David Story (Bartlett Tree Experts), Chris Russo (Mariani) and Jonathan Lee (Mariani).

The Glenmore Woods Landscape Committee walked the Glenmore Woods property as agreed upon at the March 25th 2009 AGM with representatives from Mariani and Bartlett Tree Experts. There are several areas of concern, including:

  1. Reconcile the hazardous tree remediation work that has been completed by Bartlett Tree Experts with the list that was provided as part of the 2 year plan.
  2. Identify any other trees that need to be remediated that are away from property lines.
  3. Identify any trees that need to be remediated for preservation, and lastly for aesthetics.
  4. Identify common areas that need to be remediated for drainage threatening forestation.
  5. Identify common areas that are most heavily populated with buckthorn
  6. Identify common area pathways that are deteriorating.

The notes from the property walk can be downloaded here.