Glenmore Woods has been invited to participate in the Lake County Forest Preserve Tree and Shrub sale 2021. Please see the Excel Spreadsheet Tree and Shrub Order Form. All the prices are estimates and include delivery. The Lake County Forest Preserve needs all orders by February 15, 2021. Payment is due at the time of delivery. Please email all order forms to Joe Sturonas (jasturon <at> gmail dot com), and we will send one order for all of Glenmore Woods. 

The order forms include a species list with some estimated costs per plant (LCFPD wholesale prices).  The highlighted species (in red) are ones that LCFPD would recommend for Glenmore Woods, as these are found elsewhere within the preserve and in similar habitats.  In general, 5-gallon material is ~2 feet tall; 15-gallon material is ~4 feet tall, and 1-inch trees are ~6 feet tall.   

If people are interested in learning more about these plants, the Morton Arboretum’s website has some good information on each species, such as sunlight and wetness requirements, road salt tolerance, etc.:  Simply enter the species name in the “Search Terms” box and hit the submit button for all this and other interesting species-specific info.

Regarding protecting newly planted material:  LCFP has had a lot of mixed results from times when we did not protect plantings - sometimes nothing was touched, other times everything was impacted. Since there really isn't a good way to know if/when deer will be a problem, LCFP has decided to protect all the plantings within the preserves. You can see the fencing protection around the newly planted trees along the trail corridor to the west of the HOA. Fencing consists of light gauge "U-Posts" and fence material. LCFP orders their material in bulk, but these same supplies are likely available in most hardware stores. Even very light-duty 'chicken wire' fencing can be a deterrent to deer. Alternatively, there are several sprays that can be applied to the foliage of plants that make them unpalatable to deer. These typically need to be re-applied every couple of weeks.

LCFPD has had great success with these species, with annual survival rates of over 90% in areas that rarely get any follow-up.  LCFPD would expect even better results in Glenmore Woods if residents can provide some follow-up watering.