A Glenmore Woods Homeowners Meeting was held on Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020 at 7:30 pm. The meeting was virtual over a conference bridge.
These meeting minutes have been approved by the HOA.

Glenmore Woods HOA Meeting, September 22, 2020 Agenda

  • Approval of the minutes from August 10, 2020 Meeting
  • Lake County Forest Preserve Grant Clearing Update
  • Open forum
  • The date for the next meeting, October 12, 2020

Board Members: Sue Ebert, J.V. Proesel, Roy Ladd, Martin Caldwell, Joe Sturonas

Homeowners: 11 present (Allyson Wells, Jack Rohrbach, Justin Beger, Jeff and Jennifer Koenig, Ted Kommers, Karen Hagnell, William Kakish, Jim Marinis, Patrick Spatz, Jean Madland, Michael Fein, Tim Dembinski)
The meeting commences at 7:30 pm

  • Approval of the minutes from August 10, 2020 Meeting

Motion By: J.V. to approve the meeting minutes
Seconded By: Martin
In Favor: 5, Opposed: 0; Abstain: 0;

  • Lake County Forest Preserve Grant Clearing Update


  • 2021: 3.7 Acres Total Area 5
    • 2019: 11.3 Acres Total (Area 4)
  • Focus to remove all buckthorn and any dead trees
  • We prefer the surgical approach (Like Area’s 1, 2, & 3).
  • Requested extending the split rail fence that runs parallel to Rt. 176 along the trail to protect the homes that back into that trail.
  • Low bid awarded to V3 Companies
  • LCFP has had a good experience with them
  • Clearing would be manual (Forestry Mower Prohibited) with some small equipment to move cut material to burn piles


  • 2 Stewardships for Areas 1, 2, &3
  • 3 Stewardships for Area 4
  • Controlled Burn for Areas 4?
  • Area 5 would be covered by LCFP
  • Stewardships required because:
    • Each buckthorn fruit produces 2-4 seeds that remain viable for up to six years
    • Birds eat these buckthorn fruits and then deposit the seeds everywhere on the fly
  • LCFP would also be responsible for the stewardship of Area 5 in 2021, Glenmore Woods HOA would be responsible for after that.
  • Stewardships involve removing any buckthorn that sprouts up and plant seeds for native species.

In the meeting, Jim Maranis said he has done business with V3 Companies and had a good experience.

Action Item (Joe): Ask LCFP if we should mark live native trees in Area 5? <summary response from Matt Ueltzen> No native trees will be removed, not even undesirable native trees, so native trees do not need to be marked. </summary response from Matt Ueltzen>
Action Item (Joe): Ask LCFP what are the specifications for the height of the stumps? <Bid Specification> 2" stump is the max allowable per the bid. </Bid Specification>
Action Item (Joe): Contact Native Restorations regarding a neglected triangle where the buckthorn has not been included in stewardship. <Joe> Native Restorations came out to complete the final stewardship on Area 4, and focused on the triangle with this stewardship </Joe>
Action Item (Joe): Update on LCFP planting in the easement as well as extending the split rail fence adjacent to the homes on the Middlefork Savannah trail. <Joe> LCFP planted numerous trees and bushes on September 29th, in the easement along the Middlefork Savanna trail. Some barren areas still need to be addressed. LCFP have agreed to install a fence to border the 3 homes that are adjacent to the trail at a minimum.  It terms of a timeline, unfortunately, because the crews are now just finally catching up from the COVID work stoppage/’stay at home’ order from earlier this year and with winter coming, the installation window will be closing soon; the installation would likely take place in spring/summer 2021. </Joe>
Action Item (Jennifer): Follow up with references for V3 Companies and report back. <Joe> Jennifer and Jeff Koenig along with Kelly and Jack Rohrbach completed on September 30, 2020. Please contact a board member for a copy for the reference. </Joe>
Action Item (Joe): Ask LCFP if they have used V3 Companies in the Middlefork Savannah area. <Joe> LCFP did confirm that V3 Companies did perform buckthorn clearing in Middlefork Savanna, but that area is so large, it would be improbably at this point to isolate the specific areas they worked on. </Joe>
Action Item (Justin): Follow up with Village of Green Oaks to understand who is responsible buckthorn on the North Shore Bike Path. <Justin> The area that the Village of Green Oaks are addressing along Rt. 176, as outlined in the newsletter, is in the Village's TIF district and the restoration is part of our streetscape program that they are doing along Rt. 176.   The area that adjacent to Glenmore Woods is also in our Village TIF district. The goal is to be clearing the first section by the end of November and continue to work along Rt. 176 in the next budget. </Justin>
Action Item (Joe): Ask LCFP when we need to get back to them on the commitment for Area 5. <Joe> Response needed on Tuesday, October 7, 2020. </Joe>

  • Open forum

The Koenig’s have done all the leg work to reach out to five firms about supporting a community chip/haul day for limbs, dead trees, or cleared buckthorn in the November time frame, after Halloween but before Thanksgiving, targeting a Monday or Tuesday. The prices are reasonable and there seems as though there would be ample participation for the service. We thank Jennifer and Jeff for their help. 

  • The date for the next meeting TBD

Motion By: Roy to adjourn
Seconded By: J.V.
In Favor: 5, Opposed: 0; Abstain: 0;