Good Afternoon McCloud Aquatics Customers,

I would like to take this time to say thank you for your continued business for the 2019 season. We at McCloud Aquatics are striving to provide you with the best pond/lake management service that we can and the customer service that you deserve as a loyal customer. We do know that there are times where the vegetation seems like it is overbearing and want to assure you that this is a normal occurrence for the Chicagoland area in the Spring.

The reason for a lot of the issues we are facing as a region is due to a lot of the natural elements we are dealt with. For starters, a lot of the nutrients from winter are starting to be consumed by vegetation. The extra nutrients that are available will cause algae to grow. Keep in mind that 1 pound of Phosphorous will yield upward of 500 pounds of algae. Another factor we have to deal with as a service company is how we perform our treatments during the spring start. Typically, the ground is saturated from all the rains. This delays our Lake Management Specialists launching their boat to perform a proper treatment utilizing the equipment to perform a thorough treatment. The risk of leaving deep tire tracks due to the soggy ground is a concern and we do not want to damage your property. This leads us to perform services from the shoreline, which are effective but not nearly as effective as using their boats with our high-pressure spray systems.

In order to properly treat for Algae, our products need to come in contact with the Algae. If our products do not come in direct contact with the Algae, we cannot effectively treat the algae. There is nothing on the market that has a lingering effect. The science just isn’t there yet. We do offer preventative treatments that are available to permanently bind up the current Phosphorus load, which decreases the amount of nutrients available for consumption. Less Phosphorous equals less algae.

We are aware that there are some water bodies that are behaving poorly and we want to assure you that we are doing everything we can to get your water balanced out as soon as possible.
Thank you for your patience with McCloud Aquatics while we do everything, we can to get your vegetation stabilized and your pond/lake to looking its best.

Kindest Regards,

T.J. McCloud
President & Owner