HOA Meeting Minutes for October 30, 2017

Glenmore Woods Homeowners Meeting was held Monday, October 30th at 7:00pm. This was held at the Mariani offices at 900 North Shore Drive, Lake Bluff, IL 60044. The meeting minutes follow:
Glenmore Woods Home Owners Association
900 North Shore Drive, Lake Bluff, IL 60044
October 30, 2017 7:00pm
The meeting was 1 hour
The Agenda for the meeting follows:
  • Landscaping Update
  • Review Budget for next year
  • Status on Native Restorations
  • Hazardous tree removal in common area status
  • LCFP boarder markings along trail status
  • Pond Maintenance Status
  • Investment strategy for reserve fund
  • Additional business
  • Next meeting date

Board Members Present: Sue Ebert, J.V. Proesel, Martin Caldwell, Joe Sturonas (via phone)
Board Member Absent: Roy Ladd
Property Manager: Sarah McMaster
Home Owners Present: Mary Sweitzer, Chris Hartrich

Pre-Meeting Items
• in Joe’s absence, J.V. signs State of Illinois Annual Report filing

Meeting Commences: 7PM

  • Landscaping Update
    • 2 Year Landscape Agreement executed with Mariani
      • No price increase in 2018
      • Nominal increase anticipated for 2019
    • Board will determine if mulch should be budgeted for common areas in 2018
    • 2017 Irrigation Expense slightly over budget due to system maintenance and parts replacement
      • irrigation budget increased for 2018 to provide cushion
      • consider seeking bids on irrigation services for 2019
    • Concern expressed by homeowner regarding Mariani not adequately removing leaves from property and blowing leaves into forest, resulting in perennial plants covered by leaves
    • ACTION ITEM – Sarah to follow up with Mariani re: specific property issues related to removal of leaves.
  • Review 2018 Budget
    • Estimated shortfall for yearend 2017 due to delinquent assessments, otherwise surplus
    • Board in process of revising 2018 Budget, subject to buckthorn eradication initiative
    • Board in process of examining monthly assessment rate for 2018, currently $220/month
    • Board will finalize and vote on budget before yearend
  • Status on Native Restoration Projects
    • Board considering Native Restoration proposals for the following in 2018:
      • Four Stewardship Visits – Area 2 & 3
      • Buckthorn Eradication – Area 1 & 4
      • 5 Stewardship Visit – Area 1 & 4
      • Controlled Burns & Seeding various areas
    • ACTION ITEM – Joe to update board if 4th Stewardship has occurred in 2017 yet.
  • Hazardous Tree Removal in Common Area
    • Mr. Pershad at 28520 Oakhaven
    • Mr. Nielson at 28550 Oakhaven
    • Mr. Willis at 28578 Scarborough Dr
    • Mr. Caldwell at 28584 Ashford Ct
    • The board has obtained 2 - 3 quotes for tree removal work to be performed over the winter, but will continue to seek bids before yearend.
    • ACTION ITEM – J.V. to contact Woody’s Tree Services and Eddy’s Tree Service for additional quotes
  • LCFP boarder markings along trail status
    • Sarah spoke to Erik from LCFP regarding the removal of felled trees in Outlot C, near Mr. Willis’s property at 28578 Scarborough Drive. Erik indicated the area is slated for “rehab” in Winter 2018 by LCFP and has requested the tree removal be included in the scheduled cleanup work.
    • ACTION ITEM – Sarah to follow up with Erik in February 2018 to confirm tree removal has taken place, or check on status.
  • Pond Maintenance Status
    • Overall health of both pond’s improved in 2017, which included addition month of service in Spring and bio-dredge enhancement services.
    • No complaints year-to-date from homeowners regarding pond conditions.
    • McCloud has submitted proposal for 2018 services with 2% increase, but save 5% on prep-pay of bio-dredge services.
    • Board to vote on McCloud contract renewal before yearend.
    • Board is considering stocking the ponds with gamefish (small mouth bass) for 2018
      • Determine impact on health of pond – positive? negative? neutral?
      • Determine aeration needs
      • Determine cost and long-term strategy
    • ACTION ITEM – Sarah to contact McCloud and ask if they have current record of maximum depth and surface acres of pond.
  • Investment strategy for Reserve Fund
    • Board is considering ladder CD’s investment strategy for reserve funds in 2018.
    • Interest earned from investments in taxable per capital gains rate.
    • Investment Strategy is limited due to 2010 Illinois Common Interest Community Association Act, which requires the preservation of principal investment.
    • Many Financial Institutions that advertise high CD Rates or High-Yield Checking, do not offer the same rates to non-consumer organizations – i.e. Glenmore Woods HOA.
    • Sarah has experience with other HOA organizations that have invested reserves in CD’s with Ameriprise and Merrill Lynch.
    • After finalizing and adopting 2018 budget, the board will determine amount of reserve funds available for investment in 2018 and finalize investment strategy.
    • ACTION ITEM – J.V. will research investment options at Ameriprise and Merrill Lynch, and share findings with board before yearend.
  • Additional Business
    • Road Conditions
      • Action Item: Joe to ask Village of Green Oaks regarding the repaving of the roads in Glenmore Woods.
  • Next Meeting Date
    • Board will schedule at least one more meeting prior to yearend and post date/ time of meeting. on website

Meeting Adjourned: 8PM