HOA Meeting Minutes for December 11, 2016

The Glenmore Woods Home Owners Association meeting was held on December 11, 2016 at 5:00pm. The meeting was at the home of Joe Sturonas. The minutes of the meeting follow:

Glenmore Woods Homeowners Association
Home Owners Association Meeting
Home of Joe Sturonas
Sunday December 11 at 5:00pm
The meeting lasted 1 hour.


  • 2017 Draft Budget
  • Landscaping decision for 2017
  • Buckthorn stewardship for Area's 2 and 3
  • Common area tree removal
  • Next meeting: AGM

Attendees: Sue Ebert, Bruce Watts, Joe Sturonas

  • 2017 Draft Budget

Discussed the budget in the context of the landscaping decision, removal of hazardous trees in common area, mulch and shrubs in common areas and buckthorn stewardship for areas 2 and 3. We decided we are going to for go the investment of reserves in 2017 given the additional expense we have with hazardous trees in the common area due to the ravaging of the emerald ash borer which killed about 50 trees. Landscaping costs are going up, and common areas have been neglected of mulch and older shrubs. We voted to move forward with mulch by delay shrubs until next year. We voted to go back to Mariani for landscaping in 2017. In order to balance the budget, we must raise assessments by $5/month beginning in March of 2017, where the assessments will then be $220/month/resident.

  • Landscaping decision for 2017

The board voted to go back to Mariani for landscaping in 2017. 

  • Buckthorn Stewardship for Area’s 2 and 3

The board voted to move forward with buckthorn stewardship for areas 2 and 3 with Native Restorations. We suspended any other clearing of buckthorn until we learn more about the grant that has been proposed for buckthorn clearing in Lake County. 

  • Common Area Tree Removal

We are still waiting on additional proposals for the common area tree removal. Once those proposals are in, we can then vote to choose a contractor that can execute over the winter. Residents will also be given an opportunity to get a proposal to have trees on their own property taken down while they are in the area for common area trees. 

  • Next meeting: AGM

The next meeting will be the AGM on March 6th at 7:00pm. Location to be determined.