Glenmore Woods Home Owners Association meeting was held on November 22, 2015 at 4:00pm at the home of Joe Sturonas. The meeting lasted for thirty five minutes.  The meeting agenda was as follows
  • Appoint Sue Ebert to the Board
  • Decide on Buckthorn eradication proposal
  • Decide on landscape proposal
  • Decide on proposal for assessment increase
  • Any open issues
  • Date for the next meeting
Board Members: Sue Ebert, Bruce Watts, John Lucas, Joe Sturonas
Homeowners: None
  • Appoint Sue Ebert to the board
There was a motion by Joe Sturonas to appoint Sue Ebert to the board, John and Bruce Second, and the motion carried. 
  • Decide on landscape proposal
We discussed the landscape proposals, and due to significant cost savings for an apples to apples comparison in work to be accomplished during the growing season, we voted on Brickman for the landscape proposal. John made the motion, and Sue, Bruce and Joe seconded the motion. This approval was contingent on understanding the communication chain of command that is used at Brickman. The significant savings in landscaping will be put towards buckthorn eradication. Brickman followed with an excellent response to the communication and will be reviewing in an early spring 2016 home owners meeting. 
  • Decide on Buckthorn eradication
We discussed the proposal for buckthorn eradication. We focused on trying to balance between aesthetics, cost and safety. We felt as though areas 2 & 3 were within our budget and provided the most benefit regarding safety. Cost prohibited us from doing all 3 areas. Area 2 was chosen because of safety related to the path to the Middlefork Savanah trail. Keeping the path open and unobstructed by buckthorn, provides a safer trail. Area 3 was chosen again because of safety due to the obstructed illumination that has been a source of isolation for non-home owners illegal activity in the obfuscated brush and dark surroundings. 
John Lucas motioned to moved forward with the buckthorn eradication proposal for areas 2 & 3. Sue, Joe and Bruce second the motion and the motion carried. Communication as to when the work will begin will be posted on 
  • Any open issues
- John recommended Constant Contact as a means to increase communication with home owners. Joe will look into a Constant Contact subscription. 
- Joe will send out via email to all home owners a reminder on the ordinance for putting and taking in trash bins. 
- Bruce mentioned that Native Restoration in the last meeting talked about how the Middlefork Savanah is unlike any other place on earth. We will contact Native Restorations for more details on the uniqueness that is the Middlefork Savanah to post on the website.  They actually said it was internationally recognized as one of the finest examples of black soil savanna.  In fact, the below link ranks it the best in Illinois and 25 acres of it as the best in the nation.
  • Date for the next meeting 
Looking at February 2016