There was a class action lawsuit against DuPont for the sale of Imprelis to lawn care professionals, golf courses and self applicators. Imprelis was a herbicide (weed-killer or weed-control product) approved for use in many states across the country (except California and New York) and was used by Mariani at Glenmore Woods between August 31, 2010, and August 21, 2011. In addition to weeds, the lawsuit claims that Imprelis also kills and damages certain trees and other non-target vegetation. DuPont suspended the sale of Imprelis after receiving reports of damaged and dying trees across the U.S. Mariani applied Imprelis to the product specifications. 

Here is the summary of the settlement with DuPont and Glenmore Woods:

  • DuPont to pay to remove the 5 trees that died on the Glenmore Woods property.
  • DuPont to pay to replace those 5 trees. 
  • DuPont to pay for new tree maintenance for those 5 trees.
  • DuPont to pay to monitor/care for the other 11 trees that were affected but not killed (Mariani believes they will survive).
  • DuPont to give a limited warranty for more damage that arises in the future. 

Glenmore Woods received a letter regarding the DuPont settlement that effective June 16, 2014 is final. We had until the end of July 2014 to accept the settlement from DuPont which we promptly did. 

Mariani (Jay Cheeseman and Chris Paisley) walked our property in June 2014 and did not find any additional trees that they feel were affected by Imprelis.  They did find some evergreens that they think may be suffering from tip blight or Diplodia, which would be something an individual owner could have treated if they desire.

Mariani will be contacting the Glenmore Woods residents impacted by Imprelis. As part of the settlement, Mariani will be removing the affected trees and replacing them with trees in the 8 - 10 foot range. 

More information about the lawsuit can be found here