HOA Meeting Minutes for December 15, 2013

Glenmore Woods Homeowners Association
Meeting Minutes - December 15, 2013, 5:00pm
Meeting minutes from the Glenmore Woods Home Owners Association Board meeting. 

Joe Sturonas Home
Board Members: David Coughlin, Bruce Watts, Joe Sturonas
Homeowners: Tim Cummins

Meeting minutes are below:


  • Reviewed Follow up Business
    • Update on the repair of the streetlight on Isleworth
      • All repairs completed
    • Update on clean out the box culverts.
      • Waiting on proposal from Mariani
    • Update on the quote from Mariani on the French drain between Windmere and Ashford Drive.
      • Waiting on proposal from Marinai
    • Update on the quote to drain the area between Oakhaven Ct. and the first pond.
      • Waiting on proposal from Mariani
    • Update on a fountain in the first pond would be attractive and would help with algae build up.
      • Received and reviewed proposal from Environmental Technologies. Deferred decision to delay decision until AGM.
  • Buzzing noise off Bradley road industrial park
    • Reviewed latest correspondence from International Precision Components Corporation, plant #2 located at 28251 N Ballard Drive, Lake Forest, IL 60045.
  • Discussed Imprellis offer from DuPont through Mariani
    • Questions to Sarah from conversation:
      • Why is DuPont settling with Glenmore Woods, Mariani administered the Imprellis that killed the trees, why is this not with Marini. 
      • What is the cost to replace 5 trees
      • Have those property owners been contacted?
      • What is the cost estimate from Marini to care for the 11 trees that were not killed but affected?
      • Has Mariani been contacted by DuPont or anyone else regarding the offer by DuPont?
      • What is the status of the class action lawsuit with DuPont?
      • Is there an expiration of the offer from DuPont?
      • Would there be any money that would have to pass through the homeowners, or just through GMHOA and Mariani?
  • Update on Vacated board member position
    • Still no interested candidates for the open board member position.