ImageThe Glenmore Woods Homeowners Association held the Homeowners meeting on December 5, 2007 at Rondout School from 7:00pm until 8:00pm. Board members in attendance at the meeting included John Lucas, Paul Herring David Coughlin and Joe Sturonas.  Sarah McMaster (Property Manager) was also in attendance.


2 Residents

Board Members

John Lucas (chair)
Joe Sturonas
David Coughlin
Paul Herring

Sarah McMaster


1.      Minutes from last meeting approved – Moved by Joe, seconded by John.

2.      Old business:

a.       Tree maintenance – Update form Bartlett Tree Experts.
We received a rough estimate from Dave Story on the trees that pose a safety concern and requiring remediation.  The rough estimate was $30,983 for the remediation. The rough estimate on the removals totaled $5,621.  There is only 2 month period where Oaks can be worked on, February and March. Other trees can be remediated in the spring. It is not realistic to rank order the trees that pose a safety concern, as it would be more efficient to work through the geography of the subdivision. The trees in Glenmore Woods have been neglected since the subdivision was established and it is time to act. After the budget was approved, John moved to approve up to $15,500 in 2008 and $15,500 in 2009 toward the remediation of trees that pose a safety concern. Seconded by David.

b.      Buckthorn Removal
Due to the prioritization of the tree remediation, buckthorn removal will have to be delayed until 2010. There are currently no funds available in the budget to be allocated to buckthorn removal until then.

c.       Mariani – Maintenance Schedule
Sarah will follow up with Mariani for a schedule that can be posted on in the spring.

d.      Parking restrictions and emergency egress
The Village of Green Oaks walked the property with Joe to inspect the path to the Savannah trail and where the Savannah trail merges with the trail that crosses Ashford Dr. The Village of Green Oaks is talking with the Libertyville Fire Department to determine if alternate emergency access to Glenmore Woods other than Ashford Dr. will be required.
No parking signs along Ashford Dr. need to be acquired and erected to identify the fire lane along Ashford Dr. Joe is looking into signs that can be mounted on the light posts so that additional posts do not need to be erected, as well as signs that are more esthetically pleasing.

e.       Update on Green Oaks external structures requirements
Paul reported that the changes to the external structure requirements had been approved by the Trustees.

3.      New business

a.       2008 Budget
Discussion for the 2008 budget identified a serious requirement to start to build up a reserve in the budget to protect the association from catastrophic or unforeseen circumstances. The board recommends adding $10,000 to reserves in 2008. The monthly assessment needs to increase to $200/month/property effective January 1, 2008 in order to provide sufficient funds for Tree remediation over the next 3 years, as well as match the increasing costs for general maintenance and operations. John moved to increase the monthly assessment to $200 effective January 1, 2008. Seconded by Paul, unanimously approved by the board. John moved to approve the 2008 budget. Seconded by Paul, unanimously approved by the board.

b.      Backyard feeders
Information from the Department of Natural Resources about the issues with suburban backyard feeders will be posted on the website.

4.      Next meeting date – Date for AGM
The AGM is scheduled for March 19th, 2008 and will be the next board meeting.

5.      Open Forum
- The point was raised that our ponds do not look good in the summer months, as they are over come with algae. The chemicals being used during the summer months seem to be ineffective. Sarah will look into other methods for keeping the ponds healthy looking, including the effectiveness and cost of an aeration unit for each pond.

- The concern was raised about the mosquito abatement program and what the cost would be to increase the sprayings in the neighborhood, along with the effectiveness.

- Feedback concerning the slow plowing was sent to the Village of Green Oaks, as a new snow removal contractor was hired by the Village this winter.