Glenmore Woods has traditionally covered pond maintenance for the two ponds on the property that involves treating them for algae. The ponds are treated because the algae builds up and makes for unsightly ponds if they are not treated. There has been a new maintenance item that has come up. After the winter of 2014, which was very cold, the ponds froze solid for at least a month. This depleted oxygen from the fish which cause many fish to die.



There are two pipes that connect the ponds, and after the very cold winter in 2013/2014, the pipes clogged with fish debris. This cause the water between the two ponds not to flow into each other. We hired a contractor to clean out the exit pipes, which got the water flowing again. Because February 2015 was the second coldest February on record, the same thing happened again to the ponds. We hired a contractor to clean the pipes out on May 7, 2015, as they were once again clogged with debris. We are going to budget to have the pipes cleaned out twice a year going forward. 

Hopefully that explains any questions residents might have had regarding the contractors working in the two ponds this past month.