HOA Meeting Minutes for August 10, 2020

Written by Joe Joe
Published: 15 August 2020 15 August 2020
Created: 15 August 2020 15 August 2020
Last Updated: 28 September 2020 28 September 2020

A Glenmore Woods Homeowners Meeting was held on Monday, August 10th, 2020 at 7:30 pm. The meeting was virtual over a conference bridge.
These meeting minutes have been approved by the HOA.

Glenmore Woods HOA Meeting, August 10, 2020 Agenda

Board Members: Sue Ebert, J.V. Proesel, Roy Ladd, Martin Caldwell, Joe Sturonas

Property Manager: Sarah McMaster
Homeowners: 11 present
Meeting commences at 7:30 pm

Motion By: Roy to approve the meeting minutes
Seconded By: Sue
In Favor: 5, Opposed: 0; Abstain: 0;








  1. There is no update as Justin is working to get in touch with Village officials after the meeting.


The suggestion was made to consider bringing in a chipper on a November weekend where a coordinated trimming of overgrown trees on properties and common areas by homeowners and the chipper will drive through the neighborhood and dispose of branches. Jennifer Koenig will coordinate getting quotes.

A question was asked when the Lake County Forest Preserve Tree and Shrub pickup is scheduled. JoeS to check with Matt Ueltzen.

A suggested was made to consider a future project for prioritization to replace or repair the path around the second pond leading to the Middlefork Savanna Forest Preserve path, maybe consider matching the path with the crushed limestone that is present on the Middlefork path. The HOA board will put this in consideration for future projects. 

A question was asked if the HOA is considering improvements to the common area shrubs. Joe S met with Chris at Mariani and walked the property. We have received rough estimates from Mariani for consideration in budgeting for 2021.

October 12 at 7:30 pm and it will be virtual.

Motion to adjourn: Martin
Seconded by Roy
Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm