HOA Meeting Minutes for September 30, 2019

Written by Joe Joe
Published: 05 October 2019 05 October 2019
Created: 05 October 2019 05 October 2019
Last Updated: 01 January 2020 01 January 2020

These meeting minutes are in draft form as they have not been approved by the HOA yet. Glenmore Woods Homeowners Meeting was held Monday, September 30th at 7:30 pm. This was held at the home of Joe Sturonas. The meeting minutes follow:

These meeting minutes have been approved by the HOA.
Glenmore Woods September 30, 2019 Meeting
Glenmore Woods Home Owners Association
Home of Joe Sturonas
September 30, 2019 7:30pm
The meeting was 1.5 hours
The Agenda for the meeting follows:



Board Members Present: Sue Ebert, J.V. Proesel, Martin Caldwell, Joe Sturonas
Home Owners Present: Justin Berger, Jean Madland

 Meeting Commences at 7:30 pm


 J.V. Motioned, Sue Seconded, Motion approved. 


Joe explained the proposal, waiting to hear back from Matthew Ueltzen. 
Action Item: Joe to follow up with Matthew Ueltzen


Native Restoration has completed the stewardships for  Areas 1, 2 and 3. 
The fence is falling apart behind Jean Madland, which is on the LCFP easement.  It was constructed by the LCFP in May of 2003. 
Action Item: Joe to contact Matthew Ueltzen about the fence in Jane Madland’s backyard
Action Item: Joe to contact Matthew Ueltzen regarding shrubs for privacy

The actual numbers and the budget numbers look off. 
Need to budget for mulch in the common areas in 2020. 
Invite Mariani to next meeting to hear homeowners concerns about the issues they are experiencing with landscaping
Action Item: J.V. to look into actual numbers as to why there is a deficit
Action Item: Joe to check with Sarah on Mariani contract
Action Item: Joe to plan and invite Christine from Mariani to next meeting


Still time to opt-in for Tax Appeal. 
All paperwork has been submitted to attorneys, Kovitz Shifrin Nesbit. 


Hickenbottom that was installed is working great, keeping water down between Ashford Court and Oakhaven

We never got any blue die administered.
Action Item: J.V. to follow up with Sarah regarding pond maintenance

Action Item: J.V. to include $300 in 2020 budget for the moisture sensor

Action Item: Joe to contact Matthew Ueltzen on process

Determined a 5-year schedule for common area tree surveys, due now in 2021
Action Item: Joe and Sue to check large dead tree in common area by Oakhaven


Action Item: Joe to contact Sarah for the updated cost to the amend the Declaration of Covenants


Problems with Mariani, 

Invite Christine to hear the concerns of from Mariani

Water coming from Knollwood, Randy is the Property Manager of Knollwood Country Club. Determine if anything changed with the grading, but water flow looks like it has gotten worse into Glenmore Woods. Could we direct the water from the retention pond to the storm sewers? 
Action Item: Justin to Investigate and report back


Action Item: Joe will coordinate with the board members and Christine for the next meeting