Mariani Landscaping for Glenmore Woods

Because there are a lot of new homeowners, this is an opportunity to publish what is in the Mariani contract, from a weekly and seasonal perspective. This will hopefully provide some context as to what is included in our contract with Marini for Landscaping. Please reach out to a board member or McMaster Drake with any questions or concerns. 

Weekly Maintenance:
Completed throughout the growing season, April through November, as weather permits (Roughly 35 visits). Services include the following:
Pruning: Hand pruning, shearing and deadheading techniques performed at appropriate times to remove seasonal growth, encourage flowering, and improve plant vigor to achieve the intended design effect. This includes groundcover along with evergreens and deciduous shrubs
Vines: Vines shall be pruned as needed up to 15' in height to maintain size, keep clear of fixtures, window frames, eaves, and wood siding.
Plant Beds: Initially remove weeds, remove landscape debris accumulated over the winter, cultivate open soil beds, rake mulched beds, hand spade edge of all turf adjacent to beds. Throughout the season hand weed, lightly cultivate, and edge all beds and tree rings as needed, to maintain a neat, weed-free appearance. Groundcover will be weeded as needed. At the end of the season, remove fallen leaves and branches. Please note some leaves may be left in groundcover beds for winter protection.
Perennial Care: Initially remove accumulated debris, prune and remove dead foliage from emerging plantings and lightly cultivate bed areas. Throughout the season prune/deadhead applicable perennials as needed to maintain appearance and encourage desirable growth. Spring ephemerals shall be cut back to ground level at the appropriate time. At the end of the season, rake and/or blow planting beds to gather and remove fallen leaves and branches. Prune and deadhead perennial foliage. Perennials such as hydrangea, astilbe, sedum and ornamental grasses that provide winter interest shall remain where applicable.
Lawn Care: Initially remove accumulated landscape debris from turf, rake lawn as needed, Throughout the season the turf shall be mowed to approximately 2" to 3" high, as conditions dictate. Mowing equipment and patterns shall be employed to allow recycling of clippings where possible, and to present a neat, healthy appearance. Excess clippings and debris shall be removed as needed. Blades on all mowers shall be sharp to prevent tearing of grass blades. At the end of the season remove fallen leaves and branches as needed. Mow turf to a minimum height of1 1/2" to 2" to help minimize winter turf diseases.
Irrigation: Recommendations will be made, as needed, to adjust the rate of water application to meet changing conditions. Time clock adjustments, repairs, and maintenance of the system shall be the responsibility of the owner. Mariani Landscape cannot be held responsible for damaged or improperly installed systems.
Refuse: Sweep and/or blow off hard surfaces upon completion of work as local ordinances permit. Remove all associated landscape debris from site and deliver to a licensed composting center.
Communication: Your Client Representative is available to meet at your convenience to discuss site issues and recommendations for improvements.

Turf Program - Basic
Basic - Fertilizer, Broadleaf Weed Control and Pre-Emergent:
Furnish a licensed applicator, equipment and material required to complete the following:
∙ Two rounds of fertilizer
∙ Four rounds of herbicide
∙ One round of pre-emergent
∙ Provide notification and flag site, driveway or parking lots and primary building entrances as needed.
∙ Fertilizer: A slow release, granular fertilizer applied to applicable lawn areas.
∙ Herbicide: Scout for and treat broadleaf weeds as needed to maintain a neat appearance including hardscape surfaces.
∙ Pre-Emergent: Apply pre-emergent herbicide to all applicable lawn areas to help discourage weed seed germination.
Please note:
∙ Additional late season treatment(s) may be necessary to achieve full spectrum control of crabgrass and/or undesirable insects.

Core Aeration - Fall
Core Aeration:
Helps reduce soil compaction and increases the amount of oxygen, water and nutrients available to the root system of the lawn. Cores left on the surface, gradually deteriorate and serve as topdressing - assisting in the reduction of thatch. This procedure is beneficial to improving the overall health and appearance of the lawn while encouraging desirable root and shoot development.
Furnish supervision, labor and equipment required to complete the following:
∙ Applicable lawn areas shall be core aerated in 2 directions, creating approximately 16 core holes per square foot. ∙ Cores shall be left on the lawn unless otherwise specified.
∙ Cores shall be raked and removed from site.
∙ Upon completion of work, hardscapes shall be cleaned of soil cores or other related debris. Marking flags and utility flags shall be removed.
∙ Please note: Complete work in fall as weather and site conditions permit. Mariani Landscape will contact J.U.L.I.E. to locate underground utilities. Visible irrigation equipment will be marked as well as any obvious obstructions in the lawn. Mariani Landscape is not responsible for the cost or repair to electronic dog fences, barbecue gas lines or unmarked or improperly installed electrical wiring. These are the responsibility of the owner.