HOA Meeting Minutes for June 1, 2015

Written by Joe Sturonas Joe Sturonas
Published: 02 June 2015 02 June 2015
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Glenmore Woods Homeowners Association held a meeting on Monday, June 1, 2015 at 7:00pm. The meeting was at the Mariani offices at 900 North Shore Drive, Lake Bluff, IL 60044. The meeting lasted 55 minutes. The minutes from the meeting follow.

Glenmore Woods Homeowners Association
HOA Meeting
900 North Shore Drive
Lake Bluff, IL 60044
Monday, June 1, 2015


Board Members: John Lucas, Bruce Watts, Joe Sturonas
Property Manager: Sarah McMaster
Homeowners: Christine Hides, Tim Cummins

Glenmore Woods June 1st, 2015 Meeting


Meeting minutes

Mariani indicated they completed the work to complete the french drain from the culvert on Ashford drive west of Windmere court, but the flooded area west of Windmere Court persists. Joe Sturonas has marked up an arial view of the areas where Mariani trenched and where they did not trench. They provided a french drain up to the wooded area, but not to the water source. Sarah will investigate with 

Some of the major potholes on Ashford Drive between Rt. 176 to Ashford Court were patched, but there still remains a dangerous pothole on the corner of Ashford Drive and Braeloch Court. Christine Hides contacted the village of Green Oaks and they said they would come out and patch.

Sarah reports that the Village of Green Oaks is planning to perform the balance of the repairs this summer. 

Due to reports that the ponds were not draining properly, Sarah contacted our contractor to clear the exit pipe between the two ponds, as we did last year. Because of the harsh winter, there was once again fish debris that has clogged the pipes. The contractors recommendation was to clear the exit pipe out twice a year, once in the spring, and once in the fall. Because we recently cleared out the pipe, the cost to clear the pipe this past spring was significantly less than it was last spring. We will budget to clear the pipe twice a year. 

11 years ago, we set a goal to provide a years worth of operating income in reserves. We had zero reserves 11 years ago, and we are close to having a years worth of reserves now. 

Given the increased expenses though, we almost break even, with very little to contribute toward reserves or any funded projects. We are waiting until August to determine what next years expenses will be to determine the necessary increase to monthly assessments. 

The board members and homeowners at the meeting expressed a strong desire consider buckthorn removal as a top priority as a potential funded project. 

Christine volunteered to look into a walk through Glenmore Woods, presented by conserve Lake County, where by we can see the treasures that exists in our neighborhood, and the threat that buckthorn presents to our neighborhood. 

Joe Sturonas will contact the HOA of Reigate Woods to understand their organization around their Buckthorn eradication. 

Sarah will look into the cost to eradicate buckthorn in all of Glenmore Woods, as well as eradication of buckthorn between the 2 ponds. 

Sarah will be getting 3 competitive bids for landscape contractors. In addition, she will get bids for organic as well as traditional lawn maintenance. 

Landscaping bids will be competed by August so that we can make a decision before the end of the year for budgetary planning. 

There were no open issues. 

Next meeting in September